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Netflix+Hoichoi = ৳350  Netflix+Hoichoi+Chorki = ৳399
Hoichoi+Chorki = ৳250
Netflix+Prime Video = ৳400

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Watch Pathan on Amazon Prime Video. Buy Subscription @199 Taka/ 250 Taka  For 1 Month

🔥 Today’s Offer 🔥
Netflix+Hoichoi = ৳350  Netflix+Hoichoi+Chorki = ৳399
Hoichoi+Chorki = ৳250
Netflix+Prime Video = ৳450 

🔥 Today’s Offer 🔥Netflix+Hoichoi =৳350  Netflix+Hoichoi+Chorki = ৳399 Hoichoi+Chorki = 250 Netflix+Prime Video = 400 

Netflix Subscription Price in Bangladesh

a Device

You can use maximum 1 device to login Netflix

1 Screen

You can get 1 Screen & 1 Dedicated Profile



You can enjoy 4K ULTRA HD movies on Netflix


Full Period Warranty

Netflix Subscription Price in Bangladesh

You can get Netflix subscription at the best price in Bangladesh. Do you want to sign up for Netflix in BD? Bangladesh has a lot of people who use Netflix to watch videos online. In Bangladesh, OTT fans can get Netflix and pay for a 4K subscription.

Netflix failed to captivate the Bangladesh market. Because people can’t buy subscriptions with Bkash, Nagad. However, that is no longer the case as Netflix has rolled out a bunch of affordable plans exclusively for its Indian customers. Amazing Collection is now offering bundle subscription plans. Overall, We currently offer several Netflix plans that cater to a variety of budgets. We’ve compiled all the details here so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Netflix 4K yearly Subscription

There are Netflix yearly subscription plans in Bangladesh right now. Amazing Collections has introduced this plan. You can subscribe to the 1 year subscription plan on our website.

Netflix Subscription Fee in BD

There are five different ways to get Netflix through Amazing Collections. The price of Netflix 1 month 1 Secren in BD is 299 taka. some customers like to buy 1 year subscription price is 1599 Taka. All four of Bangladesh’s Netflix subscription prices come with the same movies and TV shows. Most of the money you pay goes toward better video quality and more devices that can stream at the same time. Let’s look at each of them on its own.

Netflix SubscriptionPrice in BD
1 Month৳299
2 Month৳575
3 Month৳850
6 Month৳1599

Netflix Subscription in Bangladesh

Netflix is currently accessible in Bangladesh. Netflix has introduced its service globally, including Bangladesh, in over 130 new countries.

Globally, Netflix has 148.8 million users and anticipates adding 5 million more by the end of June. There is no official Netflix presence in Bangladesh. The finest thing the company has done for the Bangladesh market is to obtain permission to install cache servers in Bangladesh, which would enhance the user experience in Bangladesh.

The platform is rapidly incorporating Bangladeshi films and dramas. It began in 2017 with two Farooki films and has since expanded to include several others. Netflix has placed a significant emphasis on international markets for its next growth phase. India, for example, invests considerably.

The India branch of Netflix, located in Mumbai, employs over 54 employees, and the firm has invested extensively in local content. It intends to gain the next 100 million customers in India. Netflix does not discuss the Bangladesh market much, and it is difficult to uncover information on its operations in Dhaka. However, data from external parties provide insight into Netflix’s business in Dhaka.

According to estimates by BTRC and PI Strategy, a private management consulting business, Netflix has more than 200,000 members in Bangladesh. The company now provides $8, $9, and $12 subscription tiers.

Consider the BTRC and PI Strategy estimations. If each Bangladeshi user pays Netflix $9 per month, that is $1.8 million per month, which implies Netflix generates at least $21.6 million per year from Bangladesh. It continues to increase.

How to Watch Netflix in BD

Visit the website or download the app. If it is your first visit, you will be required to sign up and submit payment card information. The first month is free, and only the second month will incur a charge. If you have Bkash, Nagad, and Rocket, you should purchase a Netflix subscription card from the online Amazing Collection shop. Please be cautious of phishing and other forms of fraud.

Netflix Ad-Supported Subscription Plan

Netflix is now offering a new plan called Basic with Ads that is supported by ads. This news came from the popular streaming service. The monthly price for the Basic with Ads plan is $6.99.

For comparison, Netflix’s Basic plan costs $7.99 per month, Standard costs $9.99 per month, and Premium costs $11.99 per month. When it comes out, the plan with ads will be cheaper than the ones that are already available.

The Basic with Ads subscription plan is now available in some countries. It is supported by ads. It is not clear yet when this plan will be available in Bangladesh, India, or other South Asian countries.

The video streaming giant says that the Basic with Ads plan won’t change the plans and subscription options it already offers. The regular Basic, Standard, and Premium plans will still be available to users.

They also said that some movies and TV shows will not be available on the Basic with Ads plan because of licensing rules. With this plan, users won’t be able to download movies or TV shows, and the best video quality will be 720p/HD.

Netflix has said that users of its Basic with Ads plan can expect to see an average of 4 to 5 minutes of ads per hour. The ads will run for 15 to 30 seconds before and during the shows and movies. This plan can be changed or canceled at any time, just like other plans.

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